Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nephew O'Mine

My dear sister had a precious baby boy May 14th. He is the most delicious babe I have seen in 8 years (of course I am partial to my own). He has many nicknames as my sister and I got that lovely trait of giving nicknames from our Dad. We won't discuss what his names are for us! Some of the baby's are: Bugga, Papoose, Squeaker, and Earl. My Aunt Jane and I went to visit and spent a few days helping out with the little darling.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cherokee People.. Cherokee Pride...

We love the outdoors so one of our favorite past times is Camping! We found a nice little secluded spot at Indian Creek Campground with Josh's brother and his family. Saturday, we decided the smores were starting to leave a mark so we drove to the Smokey Mountain National Park (Beautiful, BTW) and hiked to Laurel Fork Waterfall. Hiking also ranks up there on our list. Just don't read the story from last April when we got lost and had to be rescued at Table Rock! The hike was moderate and the falls were beautiful. Downside was that I lost my Ray Ban sunglasses I had managed to keep for 5 years unscathed. My loving husband tried his best to rescue them, but no avail!