Monday, February 23, 2015

11 week appointment- Baby 4

I went in for my 11 week appointment today. All my blood work came back fine and blood pressure was normal. I've gained 3 pounds already since my last appointment- ahh! My Dr went to listen to baby's heartbeat with the doppler and could not find it. I was of course a nervous wreck because I had a dream last night that she couldn't find it. My OB sent me downstairs for an ultrasound even though she said she wasn't concerned. The technician had the screen turned around where I couldn't see it so as soon as she said there's a heartbeat I breathed. Praise God! Josh was with me as well so he helped calm me down. The baby measured 11 week 2 days (one day ahead) and it's little heartbeat was 154. We saw its arms, legs and little hand. I was amazed at how much is developed at 11 weeks! I am very thankful this baby is ok!

Monday, February 2, 2015

7 weeks with Baby 4

We had our first appointment today for the baby. Josh and I saw it's little heart flickering away. I measured right on target based on my last period. We were waiting on telling all the family until we had a confirmed little bean in there! I ordered Olivia a Big Sis shirt  from Etsy a few weeks ago after I found out I was pregnant. She wore her shirt to Josh's family on Sunday afternoon when all his brothers, sister, nieces/nephews, Mom and Dad were there. She came in the door holding out her little shirt (we didn't even tell her to do that) and people commented I like your shirt... wait.. BIG sister! Everyone was very excited for us and not all that surprised!