Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to Move.........

We are going to be moving over Christmas break.... but only a mile down the road :) At least since I am pregnant I can just be the dictator tell the boys where to put things! Josh and Isaac think I am pretty good at that job anyway. We need three bedrooms since little brother will be making his appearance before too much longer. We are going to rent until we can start building. Hopefully we will be able to get our house built in 2010... I am sooo ready!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Allison's Video at 22 Weeks

Belly Shot at Week 22

Here is a belly shot of week 22. I have grown by leaps and bounds the past few weeks. We had an OB appt today and another ultrasound. Everything looked good.. he is still a boy! His head was down and his feet were right at my ribs. I have been feeling him move for several weeks now. The last couple weeks his kicks and jabs have gotten significantly stronger. He is definitely a feisty little boy. My blood pressure was fine.. neither Josh or I could remember what it was when we got home. I have gained five more pounds... ahhhh. I think all those biscuits from the school cafeteria are starting to have an effect.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Football game!!!

I know I shouldn't put that title in exclamations but..... his football practice started the end of July so I am very much ready for it to be over. His team didn't do so hot this year but they did win the last game. Here is a pic of Isaac in his gear!

Halloween 2009

Isaac was a ninja this year....he picked out his costume via picture messaging on my phone... isn't techonolgoy amazing. Josh stopped at the Halloween store after work on Thursday and took pics of costumes until Isaac saw one he liked.

We had a Halloween festival/dance at our school on Friday. He told me that he wanted to go but didn't want to take a partner. I am thankful he is not obsessed with having a 'girlfriend'. After I told him there were no slow dances and he had nothing to fear he was totally pumped. He learned the 'Sinister Stomp' in PE for the dance.

On Halloween, it was raining and we were in Asheville for Nanny Fender's 70th birthday dinner so we took him by the mall. Lots of interesting costumes for sure, not too much candy... a good thing!

Here is a pic of my nephew Carter in his Halloween costume. He was a 'Pea in the Pod'. Too cute!!!