Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Part time... whooohooo

This is my last full week of work! Starting next week I will be working part time :) I have decided I want to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will give me a looooong weekend. I really just decided that in order for me to keep my sanity I needed to give up something... so work it is! I am excited that I will get two extra days with Eli.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cancer Be-Gone!

We found out last Friday that my Aunt Jane (my dad's sister) has a rare aggressive uterine cancer... it is called a mixed mullerian tumor. It is unbelievable that we are dealing with cancer again... I think we are all in shock. She left this past weekend to go back to Georgia and to start treatment. Aunt Jane has been up since we found out Daddy had lung cancer- taking care of him and then taking care of Dad's estate for us. She has been a wonderful sister to my dad- they were so close and loved each other dearly. Besides being such a great sister to my dad she is our only Aunt and a terrific one at that. Audra and I have been like Aunt Jane's own children and she has spoiled us rotten since the day we were born. We love to travel with Aunt Jane, we have been to: NYC, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Canada (Quebec, and Prince Edward Island), out West, up North, and she took Audra and I to Ireland when I graduated with my masters and Audra finished her BS. It has been such a blow for Aunt Jane but she is so strong. We lost my grandmother a year ago and then Dad on January 3rd. Plus her mother-in-law has terminal cancer right now.  She needs lots of prayers and encouragement. If you would like to send her a card please message me and I will send you her address. Please pray that the doctors can remove all the cancer and she will be healthy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Isaac the Anchor

Isaac is part of the WGLN news team at his elementary school. Here is a clip from the morning announcements. He has always been so animated... I think he would do well on TV! Sorry for the poor quality of the video.. for some reason my phone did not want to record this.

Views from our future home

We picked out the spot for our house!

Eli's 10th month

Eli weighs 22.8 lbs and is in 18 month clothing.... yes he is a big boy! Unfortunately Carter and Eli are in the same size clothing now so we don't get all those cute hand me down Janie and Jack outfits.. bummer! I am boxing up all the outgrown clothes because we just found out that.............. another baby is on the way. I  am getting a new nephew/niece :O  I am hoping for a niece... I love these sweet boys but it would be nice to see a bit of estrogen in the family. My sis is due around October 3rd. She is trying to get Josh and I to have another one so her baby will have a playmate the same age but I said absolutely not. We have no space and I have just now (3 months ago) started enjoying a full nights rest. Let's see what else... oh yeah.. Eli can walk... he walked across the living room the other day all by himself; still major wobbly and can get around much faster crawling. He is so proud of himself when he walks and just grins and beams up at you. He continues to learn new words.. today he said "a". He has a Leap Frog toy that says the alphabet and he loves to push the button and listen to the alphabet song. His favorite word right now is 'ball'.  He says 'ball' all day and loves to go find, throw, and carry all the balls. My milk supply has significantly decreased but I am still trying to hold out until a year. After much prodding on my part, the little guy has learned how to drink of out a straw.. and finally mastered the straw sippy cup. I thought he was never going to get the hang of the straw.. he just kept wanting to bite it. I ordered his party stuff this week... it is hard to believe that we will be celebrating his first birthday soon!

Sweet chubby hands