Saturday, November 27, 2010

Isaac's 5th grade pic

 This is  Isaac's 5th grade picture and I get sentimental every year when I update his school photo frame. We have a frame that goes from kindergarten to senior year of highschool and each year I get weepy when I have to add another picture to the frame. I am thankful for each year I have had with this sweet boy. It is so neat to see how much he has changed. I remember when he was a tiny baby I would wonder what he would look like as a school-age kid and now I wonder what he will look like as an adult!  I just can't believe that in 6 short years he will be driving! Time sure flies and I definitly realize that more now after watching Isaac's babyhood, toddlerhood and early school years fly so quickly.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eli and the walker

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Like Father Like Son



Eli's Halloween/ Fall pics ( 6 months)

What a sweet pumpkin derriere

and a drooly monkey face!

No smiles.... but I wasn't either. The photographer was annoying.

Monday, November 8, 2010

7 months and on the go

This child is going to be walking soon. He crawls lightning fast, pulls up on EVERYTHING and is cruising around the furniture one handed. He has stood by himself a few times for a second or two. He is wearing me OUT! Eli has learned how to use the pincher grasp and is feeding himself puffs and yogurt bites. I am hesitant to try finger foods cause I am petrified he will choke. I don't remember being this nervous with Isaac.. maybe because I hadn't worked with babies with swallowing problems and learned all about dysphagia at that point. I know he is fine but it still sikes me out. Let's see.... what else.. he reached for me and said mama :) Josh was jealous cause he wanted him to say Dada first! He has also been imitating "hey". Eli loves to play. He has a new game called "up.. down". When you hold his fingers and say "up" he pulls up and when you say "down" he plops down on command. My big boy weighs a whopping 19 lbs 9 oz....and my arm, back, shoulders, etc can testify to it!

We had a health scare this month. Last Monday my mom called me at work and said that Eli was throwing up and I needed to come home. So as I was on the way she called again panicking telling me to hurry. He had thrown up around 10 or so times, couldn't hold his head up, his lips turned blue and looked 'lifeless'. Since Mom lives 2 minutes from the hospital we rushed him to the ER. They did a complete workup (CT scan, abdominal x-rays, blood, urine) and all they found was that his white blood count was elevated 3x's normal. After being at the ER 5 hours they finally sent us home without a indefinite diagnosis as to what was going on (the ER doc said it could have been a seizure). We stayed up all night watching him. We followed up with his pediatrician the next day and he was not sure what was wrong either. He ordered more blood and this time his white blood count was back in the normal range. The peditrician said from a description of what happened that it did not sound like a seizure but he couldn't give us an idea other than perhaps food poisoning. I think food poisoning is unlikely too because all he is eating is breastmilk and baby food. So anyway we are so very thankful he is  back to normal and just pray that this was an isolated incident that will never happen again!
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