Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2 months old

Weight: 13 lbs 10 oz
Length: 24 3/4 inches

I can hold my head up really well! I love for you to talk and smile at me and I grin super big. I laugh when Isaac plays with me or Mommy kisses me. I like to eat and have a nice milk belly. I'm still solely nursing with one bottle of breast milk when Mommy works on Tuesdays. She usually comes and feeds me on her breaks. I like that and she does too. 

I'm a sensitive soul and cry if Mommy yells for my siblings. She tries not to yell often but I think two of my older siblings know how to push her buttons. 

I'm not a fan of riding in my car seat... However when they put on the Spa channel on XM radio I stop crying and it puts me to sleep. For some reason that's all we listen to now. 

Happy 2 Months Judah Bear!