Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eli's Hillbilly swimming pool

Swimming fun

We love to go over to Nana and Papa's house and swim. Eli is a baby fish, he absolutely loves the water. I put swimmies on his arms and he was swimming around unassisted (I was right beside him though). He loves to jump off the side of the pool and off the step into Daddy's (or who ever will catch him) arms. He would even put his head underwater.

Battle of the Books and lsaac's 5th grade year

Isaac was in the Battle of the Books club again this year. They met every Tuesday morning before school. He loves to read but I especially like Battle of the Books because he reads different genres of books and he reads books that he would not neccessarily read for fun.  Glenwood came in 5th out of 8 schools... but hey they had fun! Isaac has finished up his 5th grade year and I was already getting weepy today at school thinking that he only has one more year with me. He is such a smart, sweet boy and we are very proud of him. I need to brag on him a minute.... He had to take the science, math and reading EOG's this year and made 4's (the highest score) on all three tests. He made straight A's for his final grade and is going to continue in AIG next year. He has made 4's every testing year so far. Besides being super smart he also has a great heart and is a good friend to others. He rarely gets in trouble at home (sometimes he can get sassy) and is a big help to Josh and I. We are both very proud of Isaac!

Boo boo

This was definitely my fault. We are at the park and he went to the curb, I really thought he would just step off but he face planted on the cement. It looked horrible but in  a few days he was back to normal.

Sweet smiles

My baby is 14 months old... where is time going? All the sippy cups were dirty so I let him use Isaac's water bottle. After he drank half the milk he decided he would turn it upside down and watch the milk pour on his belly "beddie" as he says. Needless to say, I pushed the cap down.

Car wrecks

I hit a wreck in front of me last month and then last week Josh had a bad wreck on the way to work. He was on I-40 going around 65 mph and hit the car in front of him. He went up under the truck and the entire front of his car was smashed.. even his airbag deployed. I am very thankful he wasn't hurt.. .there are not many interstate wrecks that you walk away from. He was sore for a few days but other than that he was ok. I am sure our insurance is going to cancel our policy. We both had hail damage from the last storm... 600 for me and 2200 for Josh and now 2 wrecks! Eeek~!

                             My car

                        Josh's car