Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daddy and Me

Josh is a great daddy. He loves his boys and is very involved. He helps dress, change, bathe, rock, and feed Eli and takes Eli to my mom's through the week when we work. Isaac is taking a sabbatical from sports this fall but when he plays, Josh is there at every practice and game helping out. He tucks Isaac in every night,  and they have bonding time with the X Box more frequently than I like. Love you hun and thanks for being a great dad!

Six months old

Eli is six months old! Wow this half a year has already flown by. He weighs 18. 3 lbs and is 28 1/2 inches long. He is staying on the same growth curve and same percentile: 50th weight, 75th-90th height, and 50% head circumference. This month he had his first ear infection.. sadness. He is holding his own bottle (during the day when mom keeps him), eating stage 2 baby food, up on all fours, sitting without any support, and rocking on all fours. He has started babbling more consonant sounds and likes to pop his lips and babble "ba ba ba".  His bottom two teeth are completely through. He did bite me several times while he was working on getting those little white nubs to appear. I actually had two cuts on each side. Thankfully he has not tried to bite anymore or there was going to be an early weaning. Up until this week he would get on all fours, rock back and forth and then lunge across the floor... but he has finally figured it out and is moving his arms and legs in sync now. Mom has chased him all over the living room the past two days.

Big tub

So the wee one has decided he does not like his infant bath seat because he does not have enough water to splash so big tub here we go!!!


Isaac is such a great big brother; he fetches passies, toys and entertains Eli. Eli just lights up and grins so big when Isaac comes near. There are definitely pluses and minuses having the boys so far apart. Pluses: Isaac and Eli require totally different levels and type of attention and  Isaac is a huge help. He is so very independent and rarely needs reminders to get things done (except for brushing his teeth and showering which are not top on his list). He does his chores (most of the time without complaining) and gets his homework done without assistance. Car rides are very enjoyable because we  don't even know he is in the car because he has his nose in a book.  He has been the only child for so long and has had lots of time and attention poured into him. Amazingly he is not the least jealous of Eli. Minuses: Isaac and Eli are 9 1/2 years apart which means when Eli is 9, Isaac will be in college!!!! This also means it will be a long time before Josh and I have an empty nest. Before Eli was born I worried that I couldn't love another child as much as I love Isaac but it is amazing that your heart just makes room.

A time for babies....

There were five of us teachers at school that were all pregnant at the same time. Here are few pics of the babies that were born.. Eli was the only boy of the group.

                                                  Eli and Laina on a play date at the pool

                                                                 Baby Keilyn

Amber, Baby Rachel and I
Baby Jaycie