Sunday, May 10, 2015

Olivia's 3rd birthday!

This year's theme was Strawberry Shortcake! She had the perfect dress so that was my inspiration :) We went all out with strawberry goodies. She had such a good time at her party. As I was decorating, every time I put something out on the table she exclaimed "Thank you Mommy!" It was so worth it! Her favorite present was a HUGE horse that she could sit on from my sister. The child absolutely loves horses so she was all about it that stuffed horse. We had lots of friends and family come celebrate and a special visitor... my friend Amanda that's been battling Leukemia was able to come with her kids.

Strawberry and Grape skewers & Strawberry Sticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles
Strawberry table
I loved her cake!
Strawberry shortcakes in mason jars
Strawberry bunch and Strawberry lemonade
Strawberry and Friend's juice boxes

Nanny Fender

Mawmaw (Josh's mom)

We painted strawberry cookies

Allie painting faces

Nana painting faces- Olivia wanted a strawberry

E being silly on the bouncy house

Pawpaw chillin' (Josh's dad)
Sweet friends

Audra, Camden and Kason
Allie painting a Ninja turtle for Carter

So glad Amanda was able to come and is in remission.

Strawberry basket favors

Riding her new horse from Aunt Day

The birthday girl

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baby 4 is a BOY!!

We went on Wednesday, April 15th for my 18 week anatomy scan. The night before I couldn't sleep well... I dreamed there was an animal in there and not a baby! Crazy pregnancy dreams!

My plan was to have Josh find out the sex of this baby, and when we did our gender reveal party that evening with our families, I would find out as well. This little stinker had other ideas... I saw his little boy part about 4 times before she even scanned the bottom regions. Finally I spoke up and said, "Umm, I'm pretty sure that looks like a boy! She took all his measurements and everything measured perfectly. We saw all 4 chambers of his heart beating and his little brain. It's just so amazing how a baby grows in the womb and always points to God's miraculous works to me. I was very thankful he looked healthy and honestly I had no preference on gender. I thought it would be special for Olivia to be our only princess with 3 brothers and I thought it would have been equally nice for her to have a sister. 

After our appointment we had 12 Bones for lunch... this baby likes ribs :) I picked up blue and pink cupcakes and blue balloons for our reveal. We had my family and Josh's family over that evening. I asked everyone to pick either pink or blue depending on what they thought the baby would be. The kids opened the box and our blue balloons popped out! Now to think of a name... his middle name is going to be Seth which is Josh's middle name, but I have no clue about a first name.

It's a BOY!

18 weeks with Baby Boy

His leg and foot

Head and belly

His little feet