Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Half way there!

This pregnancy is flying by. I'm feeling good and getting bigger by the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We got home from driving 12 hours at 11:30pm  Saturday night so Sunday came quick. We did make it to church and weren't too late!  After church we had lunch at Josh's parents house. We took a hike that afternoon with some of Josh's family up to Catawba falls. What a beautiful day.  I'm thankful for salvation and the fact that Jesus indeed is Risen!
My 3 sweet hearts!

Thank goodness the Easter bunny shopped prior to our trip or the baskets would be empty. BTW it's very hard to find items for a 14 year old's Easter basket. 

Josh finally shaved his terrorist beard. He was keeping it to spite me :)

17 week Baby Bump

Orlando 2015

Over spring break this year we went with my mom and step dad to Orlando. We stayed at nice resort with golf courses, lots of pools and a lazy river. It was awesome just being in the warm sunshine. I was ready for some sun for sure! We were pretty laid back during our week. We stayed at the resort most of the time except for taking the Littles to Magic Kingdom on Thursday and Josh taking Isaac and our nephew Gabe, to Universal on Friday.

Monday we went to Downtown Disney at ate at Raglan Road. We ate there on our way back from our cruise last year and the bread with Guinness dip was enough to make me want to come back. Olivia loved watching the Irish dancers and Eli even got up on stage and danced a jig!

Isaac and Liv

My sweeties

Eli dancing a jig

He loves Legos and was excited to go to the Lego store

On Tuesday we journeyed to the Magic Kingdom. Eli and Olivia got into a war about whether we were riding the ferry or monorail over even though we told them we would be able to do both. Olivia was determined to wear her princess dress! At least it wasn't blazing hot where it would be uncomfortable. The high was around 82. We got several fast passes to ride rides; however Elsa and Anna did not have a fast pass available that day because it was so booked. We waited in line 90 minutes!! Eli and Olivia were beat by the time we left that evening and I was pretty tired as well!
We are here!

Loving the castle and the show with the Princesses

He was straining his neck muscles trying to pull the sword out

We had to ride the horses

He said he was Mommy

The princesses

Eli showing his muscles

Josh and the guys played golf twice and Isaac had a private golf lesson one day. Isaac is all into golf right now because he joined the golf team at his high school. Nana, the littles and I played in the pools all day. Eli and Olivia loved the zero entry pools and played so well. They both make friends with other kids very easily.
My babies

Isaac golfing

The sun is in my eyes MOM!

Floating down the river

The princess used swim rings for her crown

Playing with the tubes
On Friday the big boys headed over to Universal. I was jealous they got to ride all the Harry Potter attractions! Every time we come to Universal I'm pregnant!

Isaac and Gabe
Our resort had unlimited putt putting, this huge slide, beach playground, and a climbing wall. Eli loved the slide. I lost count of how many times he went down. Olivia went down once and she was done. I was totally shocked she even went down. She had to climb that huge ladder solo and slide down by herself. You can see her little body half way up on that picture. It was super HIGH!
Olivia climbing up

E and the water slide

Baby 4 bump

My little brown bean at dinner. She was exhausted!