Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Season 2015

It was over 70 degrees this Christmas so we took a hike to see Catawba Falls in short sleeves! Josh's beard needs to go ;)
Olivia got Star Lily!

She had to wear her Elsa tutu to Josh's parents house for Christmas celebrations

 Christmas wrestling 101

Santa came!

Someone is excited about the cookies!

Legos- Eli's favorites

3 of the 6 amigo cousins

Selfie because Isaac otherwise won't let me take his picture

Nanny rocking Judah to sleep

She loves her Papa Jim

Christmas baking with Mom

We had a quick trip to Gatlinburg with my family

Isaac and Liv

Judah wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit

My sweet ones!

Watching the light show.. Daddy looks scary!

Baby Santa!
The stockings were hung! Judah's new little stocking is at the end

My little Princess

Isaac and Eli went for a walk in the woods and found some pine and holly for our sconces on the front porch. I love it even more because they picked it out.

Judah's newborn pictures

My sweet friend Sarah from Soulshine Photography took these pictures of Judah when he was 5 days old! I love seeing how much he's grown.