Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our living room.... beware!!

This is our living room right now at our current abode. We have a tiny trail to walk through. I'm too embarrassed to even take a picture of the kitchen or bedrooms... piles of stuff everywhere! We officially look like the hoarders show on tv. I tore everything out of Eli's closet and so he has boxes stacked in his room and outside his door. We haven't even attempted our bedroom or any other room yet. March 10th is our move in date!! Whooohoooo :)

Audra is moved!

We moved my sister into her new house this past weekend. Everything looks great and I know she is super pumped to be moved in. I wasn't able to move any boxes but I did help with Camden's room and the kitchen. Here is a pic of the front of her house. She built a timber frame style house!


Why does it seem like we focus on the negative instead of the positive? I know I always recount all the aggravating things my husband does instead of focusing on the good. Is it just human nature? Instead of telling Josh how much I appreciate the things he does do I have to harp on the things he doesn't do. I am going to try to tell him something I appreciate about him and praise him for at least one thing for a week. One of my best friends, Amber told me about a book her and her husband are reading called "Real Marriage" and so I ordered it and it arrived today. We've also signed up to go to a marriage retreat in VA over my birthday weekend in April... hopefully my dr will okay us to travel that far. We've really stuck together and not argued very much at all during our house building adventure which I am very thankful for. Of course we have had a few mishaps... we got into it at Lowes the other night about our backsplash for the kitchen but for 95% of building we have agreed. We have a lot of the same taste so that has definitely helped. So tonight I am going to tell him that I am thankful he brought home pizza from "My Fathers Pizza" because I have no energy to do anything else. I am also going to tell him that I thought it was super sweet of him to leave during dinner last night at my mom and step-dad's house to go get my mom some medicine for her hand when she burned it on a hot pan. I think we have hit lots of major life changes over the past year (death of a parent, sickness in the family, building a house) and this move and our baby's birth will be two more. I love you hun, if you ever read this... I do appreciate all that you do for me and for our family!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby game.. copy and play!

Age when you found out you were pregnant: 30
Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms?: sore boobs, tired, irritable
How far along were you when you found out?: 4 weeks
Was your little one planned or a surprise?: planned
When is your EDD?: 5/12/12
How many weeks are you currently?: 28
Is this your first child?  If not, how many do you have?:2
What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?: Wow, that was fast!
Who was the first person you told that you were pregnant?: my husband
How far along were you when you felt baby kick for the first time?: approx 15 weeks
What month did you find out the sex of your baby?: December
Are you having a boy or girl?: girl
What cravings have you had?: grapefruit, sweets, chocolate
Have you/are you planning on attending any Lamaze classes?: nope
Do you have a name picked out?: why no
When did you decide on a name?  Who picked it?: We will both decide and it will probably be when she is born.
What kind of birth plan are you considering?: hoping for another vaginal birth
Are you planning on having an epidural? I would really like not to have one this time just because I have had complications on my last two... but if the pain gets too bad then I may succumb.
What pregnancy discomforts have you experienced?: sciatic nerve pain, 
What pregnancy related books have you read/are you currently reading?: Well since I read one less than 2 years ago I am mostly reading weekly updates from BabyCenter on my phone
Any weird pregnancy dreams?:not yet
Who do you want in the delivery room with you?: my husband and if he would be on board my mom and sister
Are you planning on breast feeding?: planning on it... I nursed my last one 12 months so hoping that this baby will be a good nurser too
Do you plan on having any more little ones?: undecided... we've talked about four.. BUT... let's see how crazy I am after this one

Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby girl Allison's 3D pics and appointment

So we had an appointment today at 26 weeks 4 days and got a tiny peek at the baby. She is still a she!! I would have been dissapointed if she had turned into a boy now that I am buying all this girl stuff! I needed an extra look so we did the optional pay out of pocket 3D ultrasound and this is why....my sister had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and they told her that she was having a girl. We had showers, bought girl stuff and she hand painted the nursery with flowers... well when she had a 3D ultrasound later probably around 27 weeks... little Avery turned into my sweet nephew Carter! So as you can see I needed that extra look! The ultrasound went okay..her feet and cord were near her face so it was hard to get a good look. Her nose looked squished too but I guess that's typical on the ultrasounds. Her little heartbeat was 164 and it was neat to be able to see her open and close her mouth. I had my gestational diabetes test right afterward so hopefully that will turn out okay. I have gained 20 lbs!! ahhhh. We ate Japanese food the night before and my ankles were swollen so hopefully some of that was water retention. I probably need to cut back on the sodium. Blood pressure was normal and I measured 27 weeks. I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions but I did with Eli also so my doctor says it's okay.  One more 4 week appointment and then we start every 2 weeks.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby furniture ordeal!

I was eating dinner on Monday night when Josh said.. "Oh I meant to tell you, Jennifer called and USA Baby has gone bankrupt." I immediately stopped eating and got my phone to call Jennifer and he was like.. Don't stress out, eat your dinner." Men! How is he not worried and calm and collected while I am about to spaz out! I tried to look up their page online and all that showed up was a little blurb that said the store was closed and was in bankruptcy and the number for their lawyer. We had bought a crib, armoire, dresser, and nightstand totally over 2400.00 and I had already paid the entire amount! As I read more I was getting more upset. We would have no furniture for this baby and loose all the money! Tuesday morning as soon 8:30 chimed I started calling other USA Baby stores and all I found out was that they are individually owned and not connected to each other. I called the actual manufacturer of the furniture I ordered to see if the order had been placed and paid for but no luck; however, they were able to give me the name of another store that was going to work with customers and that carried this brand of furniture. So, I went ahead and filed a dispute with my credit card and in the meantime called the new store in Greenville, SC to order more furniture. The store, Baby Furniture in Greenville was very helpful and even offered to match my price when I bring in the reciept. They ordered the exact pieces I wanted and this time I only put down 10%!! Today I received wonderful news... my credit card had been refunded for the entire amount I lost and the Baby Furniture store in Greenville called and all my furniture is in except for the dresser which will be there the end of February! God is good!

26 weeks belly pics!

Tick tick tick... this pregnancy is going by so fast! I go to the doctor on Wednesday so I will have the official updates but here are belly pictures.
You can see Eli trying to mess with something he shouldn't

More house updates!

This week our cabinets went in and I absolutely LOVE them! One of my good friends, Jennifer used this cabinet maker for her house and we were just in awe of her cabinets. www.walker-woodworking.com
Our rock mason also finished up the front door.. the front and back steps are the only thing left now to rock. We are still waiting on our lighting to arrive. I called last week and it still wasn't all in so hopefully soon! Our granite fabricator came out this week as well and did our templates for the granite. Josh has been by his office twice this week just to look at it. Josh's favorite part has been the granite.. he loves rocks. Oh by the way I did order my copper sink and it goes wonderfully with the granite! Even our fabricator commented on how well our sinks flow with the granite! Whoohoo.. maybe it will all come together :) I need to go back to the tile place and pick out my back splash for the kitchen.. still not sure.. any ideas??

Isaac is growing up!

Isaac lost his last baby tooth this past week. He came into my bedroom and was coughing and pretended to cough up his last molar. It's hard to believe that 6 years ago Josh pulled the first little tooth (with much drama from Isaac) and now Iz can just 'cough' up a tooth! I have all his baby teeth in a baggie; I was looking at them it's actually pretty gross but one of those sentimental things you can't throw away. He added Math Counts club to his agenda a few weeks ago so now he meets after school on Wednesday for that. Isaac and 3 other boys went to TC Robertson today for a competition... they didn't do so well BUT they were the only 6th grade team.. everyone else was 7th, 8th and 9th graders. When his AIG teacher first asked him if he wanted to participate he said no but then the next week he came to me and said that he did because he thought it would help him work on his math skills. He is so smart and is usually so responsible...however... I found his new jacket in the lost and found last week and he has lost his cell phone. We still haven't found the cell phone. He usually is fanatic about keeping up and taking care of his things but I think we must be hitting a round of testosterone or something. Ohh.. I had to send in 4 baby pictures for his sixth grade graduation video...where does time go!