Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2015

We celebrated Thanksgiving lunch with Josh's family and that evening had Thanksgiving at my sister's house. The kids love being together and get so wild and rambunctious! 

Carter, Eli and Camden- Shirtless because they were running around like crazy heads

My beautiful Mama

Isaac and Papa

Eli and Olivia 2014

THe littles- How they've grown!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall fun 2014

Fall is one of my most favorite seasons.. I know I've already said this... blah blah blah. We took our annual trip to the Mountain State Fair in Asheville this year. Eli had a blast.. he was tall enough to ride most all the kiddie rides. Olivia was not tall enough for much anything. She did get to ride a couple things and ride a pony which she loved. She loves horses.. takes after her Aunt Audra. 

Eli cracks me up with those glasses half way off his face

Carousel with my babes

Daddy and Olivia

Riding the pony

Fall fashion in Matilda Jane

Hike to Catawba falls after church

Eli in the freezing creek. He didn't seem to mind. 

My nephew Camden and Olivia shopping for a pumpkin

Olivia loves her new Well Dressed Wolf Boho. Daddy won her this first dress and we are hooked.

Eli taking one of the chickens for a ride

Pumpkin spiced waffles :)

Eli's field trip to the Apple Orchard with his Pre-school class. Olivia ran a fever several days before and I didn't know until we got home that she was covered with a rash. Poor tyke. 

Picking our pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch

Carving Pumpkins

They liked getting the goo out

Isaac ready for his home JV football game- 

Josh carved  Minnie Mouse into our pumpkin.