Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to work.....

Isaac is going into 6th grade... ahhhhhhh! It makes me so sad that this is a year of 'lasts' for us at Glenwood! He is so excited to go back to school. I am going to stay part-time (Tues, Wed, Thursday) so I can be with Isaac and keep 4 days a week with Eli. I truly enjoy my job... I have great co-workers, a wonderful classroom, sweet kids, and my job is definitely rewarding. I have a few older kids that I really need to 'fix' and dismiss from speech so I am pondering ways to intensify therapy for these few. Another perk is that I work closely with one of by best friends (highschool buddy/college roommate) and we have lots of fun together. My mom is keeping Eli two days and my mother-in-law is keeping him one day a week. He has lots of fun and says "Pawpaw" every time we go on a gravel road thinking we are going to visit Josh's parents. He also knows when we get to the stop sign near my mom's house and will say "Nana", "Papa", "Ben" (the dog) and "chick chicks" (the two chickens mom adopted from Carter's birthday dibbies).


Josh and I have been wanting to take a vacation by ourselves ( did I say that?) for some time. I didn't want to leave Eli his first year of life because he was nursing and since then we haven't found the right time. However we finally just decided to take a long weekend and go to Wilmington (the condo was free, which helped!). My mom  and step-dad kept our boys. I was nervous to see how Eli would do away from home but other than asking for "Mama" ten times a day he was fine. Mom said he slept great and was a good boy. She told him we were gone to the beach when he asked. One morning she went to get him out of his crib and he said "Beach?" wanting to know if we were still gone. Josh and I had a wonderful time even though we missed the boys. We slept in (had almost forgot how to do that), saw 5 movies, ate yummy food, and enjoyed each others' company. Josh as been swamped at work since his office caught on fire a few weeks ago and I am heading back to work soon so it couldn't have come at a better time. It is nice to able to sit down at a restaurant and actually get to enjoy eating dinner for a change. We stayed right in the historic section so we were in walking distance of pretty much everything downtown. We toured the North Carolina Battleship which is where this picture is taken from (our room is in that building behind the coast guard ship).

Had dinner on one of these adorable private balconies on River Street with live music in the background.

Saw, "The Help", "One Day", "Conan", "Planet of the Apes", "The Change Up" (as you can see we each picked a few movies). I loved "The Help" even though the book was better! Josh even laughed out loud several times.

House building 101

Well, it has been wonderful to finally break ground and see our house being built. I will post some of the pics that I have previously put on fb.  We had house roped on July 14th, drilled for water on July 19th, and foundation was complete July 27th. Today is August 22 and we have all the bottom floor rooms framed, sub floors on top floor and half of the top floor framed. We have already made a lot of decisions but I know there are lots more to come. We did decide on chocolate gray rock and are getting ready to make decisions on kitchen cabinets soon. I really like the distressed white cabinets paired with a dark wood island and darker flooring but I guess we will see. It is going quickly but I know it will start slowing down soon. My sister's house is going great too.. she may get to be in by Christmas. Our builder says we should be finished anywhere from January to April.
Here is the progression so far:
Two bedrooms, Jack & Jill bath, and walkway on top floor
Front of house (Master Suite on right, foyer, dining, and bedroom on left)


Foundation is set!

Laying out house

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isaac is ELEVEN

What? Eleven? Nooooo way! We had Isaac's birthday party at the local water slide again. Unfortunately I have no pictures because a huge storm came about 45 minutes into his party and doused the whole affair. He has been wanting a Nook Color for his birthday.  I decided it would probably be a good investment for him because I cannot keep him in books... they are a bit cheaper and easily accessible. He was thrilled of course.