Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Holden beach 2015

The kids loved the beach this year. We went down to Holden (a quaint family beach) with Josh's brothers and their families. Isaac and his 3 cousins had a blast kayaking, playing in the ocean, getting daily slushies from Sunset Slush, and hanging out.  Eli loved the ocean. He wanted to jump waves the entire time. I lost track of how many times I motioned or yelled at him to come in closer to shore. Olivia is my little sand and water bug. She was content to play in the sand and jump waves with her older cousins (both are in college and were a huge help).  I told Josh this will be the easiest beach trip for a while with the new baby coming.... the kids are all at such good ages to play at the beach. Plus it was nice not having to pack much but snacks and sand toys.
We had huge tidal pools every day because of the sand bar... which was nice to keep sharks at bay!

32 week baby bump. I bought this maternity bathing suit because I was afraid my bikini would fall off :)

Playing in the water. 

Isaac and Braedon hanging out

Liv playing in the sad. She turned so brown this week. 

My little man. Look at those guns!

Chilaxin in the kayak

My sweetie

Isaac. He's so grown up... sniff sniff

Josh pulling the littles around in the tidal pools

Trip to Broadway and watching fireworks.

The beach wore her out

E and O

French braids are the way to go for beach hair

Eli cheesin'

Riding a 60 year old tortoise



Beach trip isn't complete without Go-Carts

He loved it

She figured it out super quick and lapped Eli multiple times

All the big guys had to ride too

Josh looking super happy. He's not a beach guy but he toughs it out for us :)

Ruffle butt

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3D ultrasound and 26 weeks

I scheduled an optional ultrasound so we could see this little guy again. Josh and I were the only ones that went to his anatomy scan so I really thought it would be nice for the kids to be able to see him. He didn't disappoint us and showed off his little face and boy parts. There is no denying this child is a boy. I looked back and he looks a lot like Olivia's 3D ultrasound pictures but then his pictures also look like Eli as a newborn as well. Who knows what he will look like....but we are pretty sure he will have dark hair and dark eyes!  My dad and both grandparents had blue eyes so I guess I do have a recessive gene in there somewhere.

28 weeks!

Sucking on his fingers

Little hand


Sweet little face. I think his lips look like Eli's

I love how his little hand is near his chin

Sticking out tongue

Braving the bikini