Monday, November 28, 2011

Flutters and names?

I felt the baby move! I just love that feeling and it never gets old... well not at least until you are 40 weeks pregnant and they are more like jabs!  I thought I had been feeling him this week but it wasn't until tonight when I was re-reading Breaking Dawn that I know I felt him move! I know I am saying him but I am so sure this is another boy. Everyone is giving me a hard time because I am so adamant that it's a boy again. Here are my names: Amos Seth, Jonah Seth, or Jacob Seth. Josh hasn't agreed to any of these but I like them!  What do ya think? Seth is for sure because is Josh's middle name. I am partial to my boys.. but of course I just hope and pray for a healthy happy baby!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

ummmm... Food!

I thought this was cute... we ate at a Thai restaurant tonight and had chicken satay. Eli loved dipping his chicken in the peanut sauce until he got a little too much and his poor mouth was hot. Both my boys love spicy food.

16 weeks and Thankful

Well this is my first belly picture of this baby... time goes much more quickly now with a toddler on the loose. I am feeling better... the first trimester is over and I hope the total exhaustion that goes with it. I have also been quite nauseous this go around. I am already wearing maternity clothes because they feel so much better and it was nice to be able to expand while eating our two Thanksgiving dinners this year.
16 Weeks Baby # 3

It was sad this year to celebrate with out my daddy.. I keep thinking about last Thanksgiving. We had no idea that it would be the last. Last year, Josh, Isaac, Eli and I went up to his house and brought food because he was going to be by himself. He wasn't feeling well then.. just coughing but he was on antibiotics and taking cough medicine so we thought he would be better soon. Eli was just starting to cruise holding on to things and holding your hand and we said 'next year he will be running'. Unfortunately he wasn't here this year to see Eli running. This year we ate at Josh's parents house on Thanksgiving day and then went to my Mom's on Friday and had 2 huge meals. I am so very thankful for God's love, my family, Josh, my children, our health, our new home, our jobs, our church and my friends. I feel very blessed and am often not thankful enough.
Here are a few picture from last Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eli's first haircut

The mullet is gone

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

13 1/2 weeks and other happenings

Baby update: Today we had a doctor apt for the new baby. I ended up having to take Eli and Isaac with me so that was a little interesting. It definitely helped that Josh met me at my OB office..he has been to all the baby appts because he works near the office. My BP was 100/60 and the OB guessed baby's heartbeat to be around 160. We have been listening to the baby's heart beat on a doppler at home and it's been running 150-160.  I have gained 3 lbs total so far.. I was sure when I stood on that scale I had gained at least 10 so I was happily surprised.  Josh couldn't believe I had only gained 3 lbs either. I feel like all I have done is eat, eat, eat.

House update: We are getting our rough in inspection for wiring this week and they are finishing up rock work, and siding on the outside. They poured the concrete for our front porch!! Our contractor says they will start sheet rock the middle of next week!

Isaac update: Isaac went on a field trip to the "Greenway" today, he is doing 'Track Pack' at school where he is training to run a 5 K. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30 before school starts.  He always misses Tuesday because he has Battle of the Books on Tuesday mornings at the same time. This is his week to be anchor for the WGLN announcements and I have missed it every morning.... eek! He also has Cyberkids (a robotic club) every Thursday afternoon but they have put off competitions until February, which is a good thing.. they definitely need more practice.  He is not playing any sports right now but wants to play baseball this spring.

Eli... is a wild man. His new thing is, "Daddy, DADDY, DADDY" "Come here!" "Sit down". He wants Josh to play with him in his room every evening when he gets home from work. It's pretty cute!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Eli the zebra, Isaac, and Carter as Elmo
This year Isaac decided he was too old to dress up so he helped chaperone Mr. Eli. Plus he was able to eat the candy because Eli doesn't need any yet. Eli is 19 months and decided that he did not like his costume. He was a little zebra.. one of the last costumes I found at Target the other day that would fit him.... I am so on top of things! I tried it on him a few days before Halloween just to see and he screamed every time. I even put the zebra's head on and so did Josh but nope E would not have it!  On Halloween, Audra and I went to Mom's.. we had Halloween cupcakes, apple cider, and carved two pumpkins with the boys before we took them 'trunk or treating'.  We did manage to get Eli to keep his costume on with raisins as a bribe!

The house is coming right along :)

I am still not sure what siding color to pick so if you have any suggestions let me know. I had an interior designer come out and she suggested green.. she thought I needed a contrast color. My rock is 'chocolate grey' and the windows and window trim are a dark expresso color, we also have dark grey mortar in the irregular rock around the base of the house. I had originally picked a tan brown color to pull out some of the brown in the rock but now it just doesn't look right.. the decorator thought it was too 'fleshy'.  So I don't know but I need to make a decision soon! On the inside we have almost all the plumbing, electric work, and HVAC complete.. I think we are a few weeks away from sheet rock. I am trying to get a central vac system installed before they sheet rock.. does anyone have any experience with one of these? I will try to post a picture of the back of the house later. The back porch is up!

Part of the front of the house on 10/29

Front of the house- the nursery room

Dining room bay window and building the front entrance way

The left side of the house.. with first coat of primer. Not sure about siding color

Finished rock 10/31/11!