About Me

This is a blog about our family and our day to day happenings. I am Summer; a wife, mother of 4 and Speech Language Pathologist. I stopped working full time and became a stay at home mom when my daughter was born. My daughter, Olivia, was born with moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss and just happened to have a speech pathologist for a mom! As she got older I started working more. Now I work one day per week with a private practice to keep up my skills and to be able to stay at home with my kiddos!

I started this blog so I can look back and remember all those sweet fleeting moments... good and bad! I try to keep it real- and find humor in the hard task called Motherhood.

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  1. Hi Summer

    I came across your blog while doing some random surfing for my 5 month old with bilateral mild-moderate hearing loss likely sensorineural. I wanted to reach out and see how Olivia is doing and learn from your experience and do the best for my son. My email is avsfan27@hotmail.com.