Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! On Christmas Eve we went to my Mom's house and had heavy appetizers and opened presents. Eli was excited about his Lightning McQueen toy and Olivia loved her Princess horses from Aunt Day. Olivia absolutely loves my sister and wants her every time she's around. We came home around 8:30pm, got the kiddies in their Christmas jammies, left milk and cookies for Santa and Santa started his job. Eli wanted to leave a note for Santa and it said "Thank you".  Josh and I had so much fun wrapping their gifts in our "Santa" paper and getting everything ready for Christmas morning. We pranked Isaac with Justin Beiber wrapping paper and knew he would have a fit. The Santa magic disappeared when Isaac was about 7  and so this was the first year in a long time we've gotten to play 'Santa'.  Thankfully this year we didn't have any major hard toys to spend hours putting together.

Everyone slept great on Christmas Eve night which was wonderful and Isaac was the first one up at 7:30 Christmas morning. He came downstairs to our room and said, "REALLY.  Justin Beiber wrapping paper!" However, was just as excited as the Littles for presents under the tree. A few minutes later Eli appeared at the top of the steps. The boys just couldn't wait any longer so Isaac went and got little Sis up. The kids opened their presents and stockings and it was so much fun. Isaac got the guitar he's been asking for and a new gaming system. Eli got a little four-wheeler that takes gas; he was so pumped! Olivia sat in her new little pink chair and rocked her Baby Stella doll and loved that it has a paci.

Around 10 on Christmas morning, my family came over to our house for a big Christmas brunch. We had Nana's homemade biscuits and gravy, fruit, sausage, country ham, grilled pork chop, pigs and blankets, cinnamon rolls, Nanny's breakfast casserole and more. Needless to say we were stuffed! Olivia took a nap and then we headed to Josh's parent's house. Everyone was home for Christmas this year. We had lots of food and the kids opened presents. Olivia is the last grandchild making number 9 so the living room is always packed with presents, paper and boxes galore. Eli got a couple trucks, Olivia a doll set and Isaac some clothes. We stayed until bedtime, came home and crashed.

Eli with his new Lightning McQueen toy

Olivia playing with her new Princess ponies

Aunt Day, Olivia and Camden

Isaac opening his gift from Aunt Jane. She had set presents aside for us before she died.

My mom (Nana) and Olivia

Christmas Eve playing with the race track

It's a race

Appliqued Reindeer shirt and Car-harts... the best of both worlds :)

Really.. who puts the nozzle right THERE!

Ready for Christmas Morning

Cookies nibbled, milk guzzled, stockings stuffed!

This is me in my new slippers the day after Christmas... relaxing!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tiny Prints

Well I've mailed out our Christmas card reluctantly.  My annual Christmas letter is so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it.. no kidding!  Oh weeellll!

So if you happen to want to know what it says here ya go! Ha.. wait you still can't read it.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed, happy New year of 2014. 2013 has seemed to fly by for us. Eli turned 3 in March and goes to pre-school 2 days a week for 3 hours. He brings so much laughter to our family. Olivia turned 1 in May and is right on track with her speech and language. Her hearing has stayed stable and we are thankful to God. Isaac is in 8th grade; this is his last year before transitioning to high school next year! He has played football and is now wrestling. We took several trips this year... we went to Disney World this summer and then to the beach. The kids loved Disney but Josh and I decided for our sanity sake we wouldn't come back until everyone was 42 inches tall. 2013 has had plenty of laughter but has also had it's share of struggles. Josh lost his job in September of this year so that's been a lesson in faith and patience. He currently has several prospects so we are hoping and praying one of these work out. I'm still staying at home with my babies and most of the time enjoying every minute. Of course there are some minutes I am ready to ship them both off and lock myself in the bathroom, but I do try to soak in these moments because I know the days are long but the years are short. I am working very part time as a Speech Language Pathologist again for a local private practice and that's been nice to feel productive in the working world. Our Golden Retriever, Sampson, is doing well except for a knee injury that required him to have surgery and an artificial ligament. He's recovering nicely and will hopefully be out running through the yard with Eli soon. In November, Josh's grandmother passed away as did my sweet Aunt Jane. After loosing so many family members in such a short time it makes me thankful for the times I do have with my loved ones. I keep a blog to scrapbook our lives, so if you want to find out what we've been up to then check out www.allisonfamilylife.blogspot.com

                                                     Merry Christmas!

Isaac, age 13

Eli, age 3

Olivia, age 18 months

Christmas happenings

What have we been up to lately?

We've been shopping- and of course Olivia had to try out the bikes just like Eli.

Eli's held the phone for Olivia to watch Sophia the 1st

I found a baby picture of Isaac as I was cleaning out my laundry room. He  was two here and we lived in Boone at the time while I was in graduate school. 

Puddin' face. We can make a mess in 0.2 seconds.

A little more work has been done on the pool. Tile is installed!

Still so much left to do, but I really like the tile. 

We went to a Wine and Design class in Asheville for my sister Audra's 31st birthday. It was a lot of fun but I have ZERO artistic talent. Mom and Audra have it all. 

My pretty sis and her painting. I tried to trade with her but she wouldn't let me. 

My mama! She made a yummy cheese-ball for us to snack on as we painted.

Eli having some boiled eggs, raisin toast, and milk for breakfast before his field trip. 

Olivia hanging out on the tractor ride at the Sugar Plum Tree farm. 

We were in the BOOOOnies for sure but boy it was beautiful.

Eli driving the sleigh... Reindeer beware!

Visiting Santa. Eli has asked for a red ATV every-time he's seen Santa

It's a Eli Snow-man

Mommy and Livi on the tractor ride

Isaac's Christmas band concert. This was right after he had a wrestling match and won. He rinsed his face and wet his hair in the locker room and threw on his clothes for band. 

We've done a lot of entertaining! Olivia playing with her friend Griffin. He was putting make-up on her. 
We've played games.. or tried to anyway.

One of my besties, Kellie and Olivia. 

Annual Christmas party for Jonathan!

We've ate muffins in our jammies

Stomped around in Mommy's shoes and Daddy's hats- the closet is a favorite play spot.

Last minute Christmas shopping with Isaac in tow. Oh how I enjoy taking him out to eat. Eli and Olivia.. not so much

Isaac is a GREAT Elf.

Making Gingerbread cookies!

Attempting to make a Gingerbread house. This was right before all the mini candy balls spilled all over the floor.

House was a flop!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Here's a link up to Kelly's Korner Christmas home tour. We've had fun decorating this year!
I bought this fresh 'kissing ball' on Eli's field trip this week. There is a touch of mistletoe hanging underneath

 It was very interesting putting that big wreath up there! I held the ladder while Josh climbed.

Entry way garland

Living room. Our tree is decorated in red, gold, and bronze

Olivia watching cartoons

Olivia's tree