Thursday, March 17, 2011

Health updates

Well the oncologist diagnosed my aunt with stage III A cancer.. that was definitely hard to hear. They put her port in yesterday and she starts chemo March 28th. She will take chemo until August 1st. Here is a link about her type of cancer.

I went to the doctor for strep throat and ended up telling them about my heart racing and feeling tight so the Dr. ordered a holter monitor for 24 hours. When they reviwed the findings I showed a run of v-tach (ventricular tachycardia) so he put me on a beta blocker and ordered a echo and a stress echo. The results of the echo and stress echo were normal so I really think it is stress related. Anyway I have to take the beta blocker for a while and then follow up in two weeks. The sad part is that I had to stop nursing because the beta blocker slows down the heart and can pass through breast milk.... which wouldn't be good for Eli. Eli has been fine.. I think he was pretty much ready to be weaned.

On a positive note we met with our builder Tuesday night and are trying to get our house plan finalized! We have had a lot of rain lately so our grader hasn't been able to do much with our driveway. Hopefully it will dry out soon. I will say it has been a headache trying to get a power pole moved- it was right in the middle of our right away. I have called the power company, phone company and cable company so many times! The cable company said the job had been completed (aka.. moving their stuff to the new pole) when in actuality they canceled the order and sent it to a contractor. I was hot to trot so I told them the pole was going to be bull dozed and they better move the cable or they would have some angry customers. That got them moving and they were out there that night moving the cable! A little pressure is all it takes :)

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Eli loves this book. For all you mommies you should go check it out. It is about a little llama that wants his mama and he pitches a fit when she doesn't come right away!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

baby wash.......

OKay so I was scrolling through blogs when I should be asleep and I came across this website that shows baby products and other cosmetics and rates them on a scale in regards to health hazard. Pretty scary!

 I love Johnson's lavender baby wash but this website shows that..
Ingredients in this product are linked to:
noDevelopmental/reproductive toxicity
noUse restrictions
yesOther concerns for ingredients used in this product:
NeurotoxicityOrgan system toxicity (non-reproductive),MiscellaneousMultiple, additive exposure sources,Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)Enhanced skin absorption,Contamination concernsOccupational hazards

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

11 months....Eli is almost one!

Eli's 11 month update:
Length: Long
Weight: HEAVY
Shoe size: 5 1/2
Clothes size: 18 months
Eli is walking everywhere and into everything. He is a sweet, well natured baby. He hasn't added too many new words lately because he has been so focused on walking. He does like to say an approximation of 'woof woof' when you say what does the dog say. He also likes his Papa Jim to sing  "Who let the dogs out" and he responds "woof woof". He loves trucks and balls. He will push trucks around the living room making 'vrrmm vrmmm' noises. He says 'ball' a lot! He can kick a ball and throw a ball. It is so funny how boys seem to gravitate towards 'boy' toys. Eli is eating mostly table food, some baby food, formula and breast milk. I did buy organic whole milk and have been giving him a few ounces mixed in to get him used to the taste. My milk supply is about dry.. he only nurses morning and night. I wanted to nurse longer but I am thankful we have made it to a year. I have been supplementing since my dad died because my supply plummeted. I am very thankful we have not had to buy formula until recently.. wow that stuff is expensive! He continues to sleep through the night which I am very, very thankful for. I left him for the first time this past weekend to go take care of my Aunt Jane in Georgia. I was gone Friday through Monday night and Josh had the boys all to himself. He did take Eli over to his mom's on Saturday afternoon for a few hours while he "cleaned house and went to the grocery store" napped. He told me that he would never take me for granted so hopefully he won't forget that experience for a while.
Eli fed himself applesauce with a spoon.. then he saw my spoon and tried that one....

then he decided spoons were for the birds and used his mouth!