Friday, October 14, 2011

House Progress

Front of house- putting on green board

Garage is poured!

Back of house... cutting out windows

View coming up driveway

Windows are in! Bedroom # 2 downstairs

Monday, October 10, 2011

9 weeks

Today we heard Baby's heartbeat-- 164 bpm. Such a sweet little awing sound... knowing that there is a little tiny life inside. They did blood work, I got a flu shot, blood pressure and weight. Somehow I have gained a pound I guess because I feel like I constantly have to eat to keep the nausea away. It's so strange how your body works. I was sick with Isaac, not with Eli, and now I am nauseous again with this one. I feel like I am already popping out there and some of my pants are already starting to feel snug. We will go for our anatomy ultrasound on December 12th. Josh is going to find out (not me, or I would tell everyone) and come up with a neat way to tell me, and our parents on Christmas day. That's my plan at least.. we will see how it goes and if I am able to look away. I would just like a happy, healthy baby!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Expecting... AGAIN!

So it's official.. we are expecting again! Baby # 3 is due around May 12th. Eli will be a little over two when he/she gets here and Isaac will be 11! Yikes.  I am going to put it down on here that I think this baby is another boy... Josh won't comment because he says he has no clue this time. He was 100% sure Eli would be a girl so he is choosing not to guess this time. I think it would be awesomely cool not to find out but I am sooooo impatient I know that would never work. We should find out close to Christmas the gender so I am trying to think of some nifty way to tell our family; but I know that if I see the ultrasound I will be sounding the alarm right away. I found out I was pregnant on August 30th...  When Eli bumped into me and I was sore and then Josh told me I was being ill... so later on that evening so I decided to take a test. Sure enough "pregnant" popped right up! We had decided that we would start 'trying' and if it happened that would be great and if it took a while then that would be just as fine... sure enough first try and boom! We will be in our new house before this baby arrives; however I will be HUGE when we move again. I was 8 months pregnant with Eli when we moved last time!

7 week ultrasound of Baby Three - Heart beat was 140 bpm