Saturday, December 11, 2010

8 months

Okay, I am a little late on my 8 month post. I am not sure how much Eli weighs because we haven't been to the doctor this month but when I got on the scales and subtracted my weight it came out as a 21 lb difference. He is very tall too.. I am having to buy 12-18 month sleepers because everything else is high waters on his poor little legs! I think the boy definitly has Allison feet...his feet measured 4 1/2 when we bought his first pair of shoes the other day. I am saddened to think he may out grow all the hand-me-downs from Cousin Carter very soon. 

Eli is still nursing as well as eating baby food and table food. He loves toast and scrambled eggs as well as cherrios and pretty much anything you put in his mouth. This boy can eat! He especially likes to feed himself. He is starting to want to pull away and look around when he nurses but I am still pushing him to continue because I really would like to make it to the year mark when we can graduate to whole milk. He likes the 'Nuby' sippy cup and drinks his juice/water mix readily.

No new words yet but he is doing his hands like a spider going up a web for the 'itsy bitsy spider' and will clap his hands together. He has waved 'bye bye' a few times but doesn't do this consistently or on command yet. I keep thinking I will teach him a few baby signs but forget and do them sporadically so he hasn't picked up any yet. He is so observant and loves to study things.

I think walking will definitly be the next gross motor milestone.. he is getting closer by the day. Eli is still cruising around one handed, squatting and standing back up with one hand, and has stood by himself for a few seconds before falling. He loves to 'walk' around the house holding on to the furniture or by pushing his walker. He is only still when he is asleep... We get through church with the help of cherrios and juice!

We are enjoying watching this baby grow and my heart melts when he smiles up at me. He is already a 'mama's boy'... very clingy to me, cries when I leave him and will say  "ma-ma-ma". So sweet! ( I will try to post a pic soon.. I need to find my camera!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eli's first shoes

We went to Stride- Rite and bought Eli's first pair of shoes. We bought him pre-walker shoes where he can still feel the ground but has support for all his one handed cruising. He acted like a mermaid that had sprouted legs and did not want to stand up... hence the picture above.
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