Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nursery Pics and lastest update

Here are some pictures of Baby Allison's nursery. We will probably put up wooden letters with his name after we decide what to name him! He is still nameless :)

I went for my 37 week check up today and  baby is head down and in position to exit! My blood pressure was normal, I gained 1 lb, and my belly measurements were right on track. So far I have gained 31 lbs... I sure hope I can get this weight off after he arrives. Josh has gained 20 lbs right along with me and even Isaac has added a few. Braxton hicks contractions are a constant everyday occurance and get pretty uncomfortable at times.  I was 2 cm and 50% effaced today. It seems like progress is being made weekly. I hope I can make it until March 5th because then I will have all my IEP meetings finished at school and things will be in order :) 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Showers!!!

We have been very blessed! My sister, mom, and Aunt Jane gave us a shower on Saturday and then my school gave me a shower on Monday after school. They were both wonderful... everyone was so generous and thoughtful. Here are a few of the pictures from the showers.

Pictures from Countryside shower given by Mom, Audra and Aunt Jane

Diaper cake made by Mom and Audra
Me and one of my besties, Amber (she is 16 weeks preg)
Opening gifts :)
Aunt Jane--love her!
Yummy Cake!!

Belly Shot!

Pictures from School shower:

The 5 Pregnant Glenwood Gals

Monday, February 15, 2010

Handmade cradle

Josh's dad lovingly hand crafted our new baby a cradle! We are so excited that it will be a family heirloom to pass down through many generations.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Shower

Here are a few pictures from our baby shower that Josh's family gave us. This was the third try.. it was cancelled twice due to snow!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

35 Week Belly Shot

35 weeks 4 days

Front view

I am back...We moved!

Okay.. well we have moved is about all I can say. Are things put away? "NO"! Are things organized the way I want them? "NO"! Am I going crazy with nesting? "YES"! We have a little over four weeks to go and we are soo not ready! I have boxes sitting in my kitchen, boxes in my bedroom, boxes in the baby's room.. boxes, boxes, boxes.. I am sick of boxes! I don't know how we accumulated so much junk in two and a half years!

The bad part is my ability to move things around is severely limited so now my job is to nag ask my husband after he gets off work to get stuff moved. I can't sit still though; it is definitly not in my nature. I have tried to be better after I started having contractions three minutes apart for two hours without stopping when I had over done it one night! I even took a bath, chugged two glasses of water and laid on my side trying to get them to go away. I finally ended up calling the doctor and he told me to try to go to bed and not to do any more moving! I also have cut down on my work load.... instead of working three jobs I cut back to one :) Now I can come home right after work and work on the house  rest.

Normally I would be thrilled with all the snow we have had but....we have had two baby showers cancelled due to the wonderful winter weather! We really need a shower too!  Unfortunatly I did not save a thing from Isaac's infancy. My sister did send me a box of clothes that my nephew has outgrown so that is nice.. now to get them washed and put away. Will we be ready?