Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belly shot

11 1/2 weeks

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Today was the first day back to school for the kiddos. It is so hard to believe that Isaac is in 4th grade this year! He had a great first day and has several of his buddies in his class as well as a great teacher. He is playing football again for the third year in a row... of course Josh is helping coach! We are looking forward to a great school year and hopefully a much shorter one for me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flutterby- 10 weeks

Today we went to our 2nd OB appointment...and we heard Baby Allison's heart beat on the Doppler! So cool :) It was 164 beats per minute. All my blood work and results were back and everything looks good so far. Josh and I looked up on to find out about heart rate and gender. We found that a higher heart rate over 150 may be a girl and lower under 140, could indicate a boy. The nurse practitioner said it was an ole wives tale... so who knows. We will find out in 8 weeks whether Isaac will get a brother or sister; he wants a boy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

My sister gave me The Time Traveler's Wife to read on vacation. I wanted to have it finished before the movie came out but I have been distracted since we came home from vacation and haven't been able to read much. I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I was itching to go do something so I asked Josh to take me to see it. Even though he says he does not like to go to 'chick flicks,' he secretly does ;) Isaac's Nana and Papa were begging to keep him so he spent Friday night with them. He enjoys Nana and Papa time as much as they do... they spoil him just a little bit. Ha.

We got a late start because Josh had been golfing with his buds and I went wedding dress shopping for one of my best friends. I had been queasy all day...I wanted to eat but wasn't sure what I wanted... I did know what I didn't want. The 'bean' (we have been calling the babe the 'bean', even though it is really a 'prune' right now) and I vetoed PF Changs and Thai. We finally decided Pomodoros.. Italian seemed to hit the spot. We ended up having to see the 10:10 pm movie and I was about ready for Josh just to take me home after dinner b/c I was so exhausted.... but I sucked it up, got a second wind and we had a good time and enjoyed the movie. He laughed at the end b/c of all the women sobbing in the theater. I did fall asleep on the way home!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We went to the Outer Banks for summer vacation this year with my family. Last year we went with Josh's fam so we try to take turns! We went with my mom, step-dad, uncle, nanny, cousin, sister, brother-in-law, baby nephew, husband and son. We stayed in a nice resort in Kitty Hawk with plenty of room for everyone!

The guys went fishing and golfing a few times. I did go sit on the pier and watch them fish once... not really my cup o' tea! They caught Croaker everytime they put their pole in the water. When you take the fish off the hook they 'croak', hence the name.

My little nephew enjoyed sleeping under the cabana at the ocean. The lull of the sea put him right to sleep. He had plenty of willing hands to hold him all week and my sister enjoyed the respite. I gave him a bath a couple times and fed him his baba. Mom tried to get Josh to change a diaper for practice but he opted out!

On Saturday we went sightseeing. We originally planned on going to take the ferry and see the Wild Horses but we shot that idea down when we found out it was a 4 hour drive round trip.... not too fun especially since we were going to drive so far on Sunday to get home. Instead we went putt-putting, to the Wright Brothers Park, and to see Bodie Island lighthouse. Nanny was the queen of putting; she had several birdies. Isaac even made a hole in one! I, however am not a good putter. My score was 76 and par was 42.... oops. Fun none-the-less. I am posting a few pics from the experience. Since Isaac will be studying NC this year in 4th grade we decided a nice educational trip to the Wright Brothers Park would be up right up his ally! To end the day we went to see one of NC's many lighthouses, Bodie. Unfortunatly we could not go up. Pretty pics though.

All in all we had a great relaxing vacation. I worked on my tan and read 7 books. I did take a shot of my 8 1/2 week bump... not posting it though!! I am feeling good.. morning sickness stay away.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rolly Coasters

Isaac and I went with Josh to Orlando, FL on his buisness trip. The resort, The Gaylord Palms, was spectacular and we had a great time. Isaac and I played in the pools and basked in the sun while he went to classes ;) Isaac made a friend as he always does and played on the water slide until his arms were sore while I read a couple books! We did manage to take Isaac to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure before we left FL. The boys loved the "Hulk" ride. Side note: Going to a theme park pregnant is not very fun... you can't ride much!