Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eli is 2!

Today my sweet boy turned two! I will add more to this post later because I am blogging from my phone. We have no Internet yet at the new house. He's been running a fever and feeling poorly the last few days so when mom called saying he had fallen asleep in the floor, wasn't eating, and asking for Mommy, I left work and took him to the Dr. He's got a virus..which I figured but wanted to make sure his ears , throat, and lungs were ok. Here are a few pics from today.

What can Eli do now that he is TWO.....
Weight: 30 lbs 12  oz (90%)
Height: 35 3/4 inches  (90%)
He can run, jump, skip, throw balls, and catch sometimes. He eats most all food, drinks milk (I just switched him to 1-2%) and likes water as well. He LOVES his blanket and passy and the world will end if he doesn't have both for nap and bed. At night we read three books, rock and listen to the fish sing (a toy on his crib), and then he lays down and goes to sleep. He rarely wakes up at night ( exceptions are when he is sick, or when we just moved!). He is using good sentences now to communicate and lets you know everything he wants and thinks. The "N" word has become rampant lately!  He can count to 20, knows a lot of shapes including (octagon and pentagon), knows his letters (receptively and expressively), can spell his name, and knows most colors. He can sing parts of songs and sings most of the ABC song. He loves to play outside and can fly on his riding toys. He pushes his tricycle around with his feet (he won't even attempt to pedal). He begs Josh everyday to go ride the four wheeler. When he says his prayers at night he always says, "Goodnight Jesus" and it's quite cute and funny. He requires a lot of stimulation so I hope he is not going to have ADD. His little mind is always thinking about things, examining things and he will push any button he sees. He does like books and his favorites right now are "One Fish, Two Fish (60 pages which he will sit through so maybe he will be okay), Going on a Bear Hunt, and Brown Bear. He can finish my sentences in One Fish, and pretty much recite Brown Bear as well. We have difficulty staying seated in the high chair at dinner and I even have stooped to using my iPhone to entertain him. Eli Thomas, you are a joy to our lives and are my sweet, sweet boy!  I am going to have my hands full when baby sissy arrives!

32 1/2 weeks

Baby appointment went great! Im up 26 lbs, blood pressure normal, heartbeat strong, measured 33 weeks. Here is a pic... Beware! I was at moms and we were sunning outside.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


We got our certificate of occupancy today!! The painters finished up inside today and the crew is cleaning up. The stairs are off limits until Sunday so we can't move anything in upstairs until next weekend. My dining room table and china cabinet are supposed to arrive this weekend, and our audio guy is coming to hook up our sound system and tvs. Yay, I can't wait to be moved in :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

30 weeks

I had my 30 week appointment today. I had my routine appointment schedule for Thursday but re-scheduled it for today because I had cramping all day Sunday. Everything was fine though. The dr. did 'check' me just to make sure....my cervix was soft but completely closed and baby's head was high. I thought I might have a UTI but that was clear too. I am guessing the cramping was GI related because it didn't feel like the normal braxton hicks contractions. I have gained a total of 22 lbs now and baby was head down. I know that can change but I sure hope she stays in position to exit! I start my 2 week appointments now and we went ahead and scheduled the rest of my appointments until my due date. My doctor is on call the weekend I am due and so I REALLY hope this baby decides to come then! Josh and I went and ate at Outback and had a blooming onion (not fattening at all) and I had a steak! We then went to Toys R Us to get Eli's birthday present. We are getting him a play yard for the new house! It has a slide, swings, climbing wall, playhouse, sandbox, 2 stools... the works! I think he will love it because he is such a climber. and Josh will have even more fun putting it together :) I have cancelled E's birthday party because we are supposed to be moving this coming weekend and I knew that I wouldn't be ready to have a party by March 20th! Ohh I will post a 30 week pic soon.. I've not taken one yet.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So, I am officially taking a year off!! We will re-evaluate at the end of the year my sanity and financial situation and see if I want to take longer or if I will go back to work. I am excited and a little nervous. I really love my job and my co-workers and hope that when I am ready I will be able to get my school back. I would like to stay at home with my babies until they reach school age and then be able to be at the same school they are. It has been so nice to be at Isaac's Elementary school the past four years. So.. here's to a new adventure! I have 27 days left of work!!