Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly happenings

I've been neglecting my blog lately.. hey sometimes life gets in the way. I really want to try to keep it up because I love to look back and see what we've done and how the kiddos have changed. My memory stinks. Half the time I can't remember what I had for dinner the night before so I know that in a year I'm not going to remember all the cute little sayings and fun times we've had.

Josh- is enjoying his new job and the challenge that comes with learning something completely new. He is home quite a bit earlier than he was at his previous job so that's nice. He also has a really flexible schedule... they closed the office and told him to work from home the whole week that we had snow.

Isaac- has just finished up wrestling this week. I think he's ready to be finished. He always starts out strong with things and then just fizzles out. It's frustrating to me.  He made a B in band this past reporting period. I mean really.. band! He can make A's in advanced math and english but an 85 in BAND! He said it's because he doesn't practice at home and he refused to lie on the nightly practice sheets. He's really not had much time to practice.... wrestling until 6pm and then it's supper and the littles go to bed fairly early. I think I probably would have fudged on the sheets to keep from getting a B. Oh well. What's it really going to matter if he gets a B in band.... right? Josh took Isaac snowboarding for the first time. Isaac has been skiing when he was younger, but we've put off snowboarding because Josh says from his years as an instructor that kids don't really have the muscle strength and coordination for boarding until they are older. Isaac was sooo excited to go and did good! He's also taking guitar lessons every week. Now if we can keep Eli and Olivia from messing with the guitar all will be well.

Eli-is growing up faster than I like. He has a make-believe friend.. Vyron Casey. Vyron is younger than Eli, and doesn't have black hair. He also doesn't have an ATV but he does have a purple tricycle. It's pretty funny listening to him make all this stuff up about Vyron. We asked him where Vyron lived and he said, "in the middle". Josh said, 'In the middle of where?" and Eli replied, 'Nowhere." So Vyron lives in the middle of nowhere. He has one little sister but doesn't have a brother and he goes to the little kiddie class at church. It's pretty apparent that everything about Vyron is inferior to Eli.

Olivia- can hold her own. If the boys mess with her she says, "MOOO (No) Eli" or "MOOO Isaac." She absolutely loves the song "Let it Go" from the new Disney movie Frozen and asks to listen to it all the time. She really enjoys music.

Summer- I loved the snow! I was quite giddy watching it pile up. It's been forever since we had a good snow with more than a couple inches. I've picked up one more client at work so now I'm up to 3 visits a week and I love the kids I'm working with.  I've been going to Piyo (Pilates/Yoga) at our local YMCA and that's been fun. I was so sore the first time I went it took me 4 days to get over it. It's a really good workout and I've learned I have absolutely no core strength. Those planks and piyo pushups are killer.

Eli and his red ATV

Showing me how to charge the battery and he REALLY knows how to do it.

Isaac at the ALL DAY wrestling conference

Olivia had to go with us to the conference and she was an absolute angel.

Daddy and Eli enjoying Sunday afternoon family time with the Allisons

It had been snowing for one hour when I took this picture!

The next morning.. 8 inches of white fluff! Hooray!

Where are my feet Mom? Olivia wasn't a fan.

Josh, Isaac, Bryce, Braedon and Eli. Josh's brother and his family got snowed in at our house. The boys were elated. 

Rosy red cheeks

Valentine's Day came and went without gifts because of Snowmageddon. I  re-used this card from last year.

Josh and I went on a date on Saturday and brought the kids back a post-Valentine's day gift... a new book.  We got Isaac "Divergent" and he finished it in 2 days. 

Eli and Olivia both got a new Llama Llama book. 

Olivia enjoying the warmer days on our swing-set this week. 

Walk on the Greenway with the littles

I got a new workout headband and Olivia confiscated it. 

Isaac snowboarding

My plank :)