Wednesday, November 30, 2016

7 months old and FPIES

Our little man is growing so fast! We took Judah down to Raleigh this month to visit an allergist at Duke. It turns out my mommy instinct and exhaustive internet searching was actually RIGHT! We saw Dr. Amy Stallings down at Duke Children's and within a few minutes she confirmed his diagnosis of FPIES. FPIES (F-pies) stands for Food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome and basically Judah is allergic to food protein. 2 hours after he ingests the trigger food he began to vomit continually until he looses consciousness, turns blue and is lethargic. Some kids can actually go into shock if the reaction is severe enough. It is super scary! So far he's had this reaction to rice twice, oats twice and a dairy formula once. 5 times was enough for me so I asked my pediatrician for a referral to an allergist at Duke since most allergists are unfamiliar with this type of allergy. FPIES was only recently was given an ICD-10 code in October. She also did IgE testing (skin prick on his back) to test to see if he had the 'normal' type of allergy symptoms to any of the top allergy foods. They all came back negative which we were thankful for. So basically we will not give him the foods he has had a reaction to until he is 3 when we will do an office food trial. Dr Stallings gave us a sample of formula to try that has the milk protein broken down. She also recommend we do food trials of a week per food as we try new foods. We are glad to have this information and hopefully Judah won't have anymore reactions!

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