Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Judah is 8 months

Weight 19.9
4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth

This month Judah continues to crawl everywhere at lightning speed. He's learned how to crawl up steps and will stand alone for a couple seconds before squatting or falling down. He especially likes to find the things he's not suppose to have.... shoes and electric cords. He went swimming this month and loved splashing in the water. He even likes his baby pool float some of the time. He loves to take baths in the big tub... Eli and Olivia fight over who gets to take a bath with him. Judah also had his first beach trip. He loved the sand and took a beach nap on my chest for 2 hours. The wind, warm air and ocean sounds were the ticket. 

His weight has slowed down because he's burning so many calories by crawling and pulling up. Because of his food allergies I have to trial each baby food for a minimum of 10 days with a 2 day break in the middle. His first trial was apples. He's already aversive to baby food or any other taste besides breastmilk because he's had such severe vomiting reactions to food. I did manage getting 1 tsp of apples in each day. By day 10 he was having mucousy diapers so I put that on hold and we may retrial those later. I have also trailed a formula to help supplement my milk supply since he's nursing so frequently (every 2- 21/2 hours 24/7). So far he's tolerating Alimentum ready to feed. 

He said 'dada' this month as well.  I don't count it as a true word because he's babbles it other times than when he just sees Daddy. The other kids (even Olivia with hearing loss) were all saying a couple words by now. He's going to be the stubborn baby of the family I guess. 

He's growing and changing so fast! It's bittersweet because he's my last.

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