Wednesday, November 30, 2016

J is 11 months

My baby is almost ONE!!! Wow, this year flew by. 

Judah is walking all over the place, saying a few words, waving, clapping and climbing stairs. He's learned how to throw a ball and other item's that shouldn't be thrown overhand. He has 8 teeth, two of which are molars. He wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.. this can be dangerous with a 6 year old brother that likes Legos and a 4 year old sister that has lots of tiny pieces for her bunny house. My daily job is to keep him alive between him putting things in his mouth and toddling dangerously all over the house. 

The s word (sleep) is actually happening. The little guy's gut finally is feeling better and he is sleeping! Whoot whoot. We've had some nights of 7:30- 6:30 and then sometimes he may wake up at 3am. Hey.. I'll take once a night! It beats the every 30-45 minute sleep stretches he was doing. I felt like I never hit REM sleep and I was barely hanging on. 

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